Gift Certificates available by request!

Click the button below if you are interested in a gift certificate for a boudoir or artistic nude session.  Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and are valid for five years. 

Guys, these make a great Valentine's Day and birthday gifts for that special woman in your life!

About the Photographer

Hi there!  My name is Corey and I'm the Photographer behind Corsets and Lace.  First things first, I'm a red-blooded, heterosexual guy that loves God, his mom, and his country.  While it may seem strange or even a little unnerving to work with a male photographer for your Boudoir or Artistic Nude photo session, every one of my past clients has given me high praise for my professionalism and ability to put my clients at ease.

Boudoir and Artistic Nude photography is a passion for me.  For some people, these genres of photography are too risque and they want nothing to do with it...but whenever I meet a woman with low self-esteem, confidence or body image issues I want to pull them into the studio and do a session with them so that she can see just how beautiful she really is.  For me, it's about helping women be comfortable in their own skin and being the best versions of themselves.

I started with photography in March of 2016.  My very first photoshoot was a combination Silhouette and Artistic Nude workshop.  During the break I had some time to chat with the model and she shared her story with me about how she had been really shy before she got into modeling but that her confidence and self-esteem really grew after she did her first boudoir session.  I just loved hearing that this genre of photography had such a positive impact on her life!

Why should you hire a male photographer for your boudoir session?

I get asked a lot about how successful a male boudoir photographer can be.  The truth is, some of the best boudoir photographers in the business are males. In addition to having a lifetime of experience observing women and developing an understanding of what confidence and being sexy looks like on a woman, we're also extraordinarily professional while still keeping things positive, supportive and fun!  But don't worry, unless you request otherwise a female assistant will be on hand to help with adjusting wardrobe and other things like that.

If that's not enough of a reason, it's just good fun.  Any good photographer, male or female, will be more than happy to demonstrate a pose or facial expression.  That's something that my clients thoroughly enjoy, asking me to demonstrate a pose for them.  It's good times!  Seriously though, this is something I live by - "I won't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself".

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