Frequently Asked... - Corsets And Lace

Frequently Asked...

How can I help the photographer prepare?

The photographer will contact you by phone to gather some information about you.  If a phone call is not possible, the photographer will send you a questionnaire via email to complete and return.  While some questions may seem personal and irrelevant, you can be certain that each question is being asked to help ensure a successful session.  Additionally, the photographer will request quick selfies/snapshots of you and your wardrobe selections.

How should I prepare for my session?

- Get a good nights sleep

- Eat only a light snack, such as a piece of fruit, in the hours leading up to your session to avoid having a full stomach

- Get to know your body so you can let the photographer know if there are any areas you would like to accentuate or downplay

- Be aware of your menstrual cycle when scheduling your session.  For some women, bloating and cramping are symptoms of their period and will be evident in the pictures

- For boudoir sessions, select or purchase some lingerie that makes you feel confident and sexy

- Limber up with some basic stretches before arriving at the studio.  Some of the poses which may be used require an amount of flexibility.

Who should I bring as a guest?

If you would like to bring a guest to your session, it is recommended that you bring a close friend or sibling to provide encouragement and support during your session.  We have found that significant others can be an unintentional distraction and can have a negative impact on the session.  In the event that the photographer deems your guest to be a distraction, your guest will be asked to wait in the dressing area or on our covered front porch until the session has ended.

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