Frequently Asked...

What should I wear?

For boudoir sessions, most clients love to wear their favorite pieces of lingerie.  Balconette and push-up bra's are great choices for almost every body type.  More modest clients prefer to wear a luxurious satin or silk negligee while more daring clients prefer to wear something made of sheer lace or even going completely bare.  Whatever your comfort level or personal taste, you're going to look amazing!  And if you need a little bit of help deciding, we'll be happy to let you know what we think would look best.

How can I help the photographer prepare?

The photographer will contact you by phone to gather some information about you.  If a phone call is not possible, the photographer will send you a questionnaire via email to complete and return.  While some questions may seem personal and irrelevant, you can be certain that each question is being asked to help ensure a successful session.

How should I prepare for my session?

- Get a good nights sleep

- The night before your session, get your "go bag" with any clothing and makeup you'd like to use during your session ready 

- Eat only a light snack, such as a piece of fruit, in the hours leading up to your session to avoid having a full stomach

- Be aware of your menstrual cycle when scheduling your session.  For some women, bloating and cramping are symptoms of their period and will be evident in the pictures

- For boudoir sessions, select or purchase some lingerie that makes you feel confident and sexy

- Limber up with some basic stretches before arriving for your session.  While there are many different poses that may be used during a session, a handful of the poses which may be suggested require an amount of flexibility.

Who should I bring as a guest?

If you would like to bring a guest to your session, it is recommended that you bring a close girl friend or sister to provide encouragement and support during your session.  We have found that significant others can be an unintentional distraction and can have a negative impact on the session.  In the event that the photographer deems your guest to be a distraction, your guest will be asked to wait another room until the session has ended.

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