Whether you want to give yourself a gift this Valentine's Day or you need a last minute gift your special someone is sure to love, don't miss this opportunity for a Boudoir Mini-Session.

How does it work?:

You'll show up at the hotel with hair and makeup ready.  I'll contact you before your session with the room number of the suite we'll be using. Once you've arrived at the room you'll have a few minutes to get changed into your favorite lingerie and relax with a refreshing drink and nibble on some fresh fruit.  Once you're ready, I'll lead you into the bedroom area where your mini-session will take place.  The mini-session will last between 30 and 45 minutes during which time I'll work with you to find poses that flatter both your figure and your personality.  At the end of the mini-session after you've gotten dressed we'll take a few minutes to review the images.  I'll edit your favorite image and create your free 8x10; additional images can be purchased and will be ready before Valentine's Day.  The mini-session is designed in such a way that the entire experience, from the time you arrive to the time you leave, will take about an hour.

Does this include hair and makeup?:

In an effort to keep costs low and ensure we have the most time possible for the mini-session, hair and makeup is not included.  Hair and Makeup is included in a full boudoir session at no additional charge and also includes a longer session.  If you'd prefer a full session over a mini-session, I'm sure we can find a place on the schedule for you!

Can I bring a guest?:

I'll leave this up to my clients to decide.  I have had sessions where the guest was a big distraction and I've had others where they helped create a fun and relaxed environment.

How much are additional prints?:

I'm offering a flat 15% off on all prints (and wall art and photo books).  After the discount, prints will start at about $16 with larger sizes and different mediums being more expensive.

What about digital images?:

I believe the best way to enjoy your images is to display them around your home or in a photo book, so I do not offer digital-only images.  Understanding that you may wish to share your images with loved ones in faraway places, a digital version of any purchased print is available for an additional $10. 

What if I change my mind?:

I can certainly understand being nervous about doing something new, I think we all know that feeling.  Unfortunately, once you schedule your time it is blocked off and other potential clients are not able to schedule for that session.  As a result, we are unable to offer refunds if you change your mind or are unable to attend your mini-session.

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